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Warmachine: Mercenaries: Thamarite Advocate

The Thamarite Advocates are peerless masters of the forbidden arts who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of the infernals and the protection of humanity. Once denizens of the shadows long-accustomed to serving their Dark Mistress in secret, the Advocates have put aside old differences and joined forces with those who once hunted them. They now take to the battlefield against the ravening hordes of the Outer Abyss, pairing their magic and fell curses with the steel, shot, and hallowed blessings of the Order of Illumination.

TRADE POINTS: The Thamarite Advocate is a wild card, a solo possessing strong spellcasting and defensive capabilities geared toward disrupting the capabilities of the Infernals. While capabilities like Barring the Gates, Fell Curse, and Hex Bolt require her to close with the enemy, Reposition and Sucker! work to keep her safe from harm. Should she fall in combat against the Infernals, Blessed of Thamar offers a final poison pill to inflict on the Advocate’s primary enemy.