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Warmachine: Crucible Guard Unit - Containment Operatives

The Crucible Guard contains many brilliant scientists and alchemists, all segregated into various research orders or combat cells based on their areas of expertise. Combat alchemists, for example, are those individuals with a skill not just in alchemy but in its battlefield application. Often they will sneak onto the battlefield themselves, where they can test all manner of strange brews on the enemy.

Some combat alchemists prefer scientific observation from afar, as it is much more likely you’ll live long enough to record and study your data tomorrow. These cautious types are equipped with long-range alchemical projectors—tubelike weapons that use gas propellant to fire cannisters of chemicals deep into enemy ranks. As long as the alchemist’s aim is true, the results are not only fascinating but occur at a distance that promotes a long life of continued study and alchemical application.

Containment Operatives are a 3-model unit armed with long-range alchemical projectors, which can fire three different types of alchemical cannisters via their Attack Types. Some of these Attack Types are purely offensive, such as their Weaponized Psychotropic attack, while others are meant to be beneficial to friendly models. The Hull Tincture attack, for example, does no damage but instead heals all friendly Faction constructs within in its AOE.

  • The Containment Operatives are a versatile unit that works well with a wide variety of army types, though they particularly appreciate warcasters who can supplement their ranged attacks, such as Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart (PIP 37015).