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Team Yankee: Norwegian - NM135 or NM195 Platoon

NM135 or NM195 Platoon (x4) (TNOBX01)
Contains four NM135 Transports or NM195 RBS-70 AA Missile Carriers.

The NM135 stormpanservogn is rebuilt on the M113 chassis, modified to add a turret on the right side. The turret is armed with a 20mm Rheinmetall autocannon. The NM135 carried an anti-tank group, a machine-gun group, the deputy section leader, and the reserve vehicle commander — who took over when the section commander dismounted from the vehicle commander’s position. 

A Luftvernbatteri (air defence battery) of the Light Air Defence Artillery (LLA) of Brigade Nord is equipped with the Swedish Robot 70 system (RBS-70), which works with the separate Giraffe search radar system situated behind the front lines. The RBS-70 missile launchers are mounted on the NM195 air defence vehicle (a modified M113 APC).