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Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion

The Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion also includes seven Lucky Gods, each with their own Season card and highly detailed miniature. These Lucky Gods are the equivalent to the Monsters in the base game, but can only be acquired by the Sun and Moon Clans. Likewise, these Clans are unable to hire the services of the regular Monsters.

-The Sun and Moon Clans each come with 10 highly detailed miniatures and their own special abilities that will add a new dimension of strategy to games of Rising Sun.

-Each of the seven Lucky Gods comes with its own Season card and detailed miniature. They add unique abilities only available to the Sun and Moon Clans.

-The Dynasty Invasion expansion includes 15 new Season cards to be added to the regular set. These add new options for all players.

-This is an expansion, you need to the base game Rising Sun to play