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Monster Scenery: Bridges & Barricades

Monster Scenery is a new line of game-ready tabletop scenery. Every plastic element is pre-painted and ready to use with your role-playing adventures and/or wargame battlefields.


Monster Scenery quickly and easily fills your tables with great-looking painted terrain. Every set is durable and versatile. Combine your Monster Scenery sets with a Monster Game Mat for the ultimate experience. Great games deserve great scenery.


Bridges & Barricades includes four pieces representing wooden Footbridges or Barricades as well as a pair of small square wooden Platforms, four sets of wooden Steps, and a pair of wooden Door Panels. There are also removable panels to create gaps in the bridges or holes in the barricade.


The set can be used to construct a long footbridge or grouped together to build a large wooden platform.



2 Bridges with One Gap

2 Bridges with Two Gaps

6 Panels

2 Trap Doors

2 Platforms

4 Sets of Stairs