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Manzu Ama. Army

While they do look like towering warriors from the Eastern folklore from Earth, the Manzu Ama are no living men at all. Beneath slabs of embellished armor there are sophisticated cybernetic mechanisms and complex AI systems. The elite wing of the Colonial Government forces, Manzu Ama squads are dropped into hot zones where human physique cannot endure and when conditions are too harsh for squads of Sanctus Manipulus. Armed with gun and blade and controlled from low orbit, units of Manzu Ama walk into any environment and strike as one while their controllers are out of reach of enemy fire. The Army Deal offers the a collection of Nineteen (19) miniatures.

Our models are generally 32mm heroic scale, with exact sizes varying slightly between ranges, and are compatible with modern tabletop games and RPGs.

Bases included are not pictured.