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Lab Vortex Paint Mixer

  • HIGH QUALITY:The mini vortex shaker is made of high-quality plastic steel material, which is sturdy and stable. The non-slip base is used at the bottom of the machine, which makes the machine more stable and safer when running!
  • WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY:Different from the traditional manual mixing and mixing of liquids such as paint, nail polish, tattoo ink, or glue, the use of an electric mixer saves time and effort and improves work efficiency.
  • EASY TO USE:Lab vortex shaker uses intelligent induction to start, press the upper part of the stirrer with the bottle to start working, it is simple and convenient to use. No more repeated and tiring mixing operations!
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE:With a speed of up to 5200 rpm, the liquid in the container can be quickly mixed in a few seconds. This vortex portable mixer can quickly help to mix paint, ink, glue, gel and any liquid, providing you with a high-quality mixing effect.
  • WIDELY USED:Mini vortex shaker is widely used in laboratory applications, school test tube mixer, hobbyist mini paint shaker, studio tattoo ink mixing, eyelash glue adhesive mixer, salon nail polish mixing, vortex glue shaker .