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Huge Miniatures: Paints: Neon Blaster Blue

Our model paints are densely pigmented and highly opaque. All of our paints are medium-body which makes them easy to thin without sacrificing on coverage quality. They can also be used on a wet pallet without the worry of over saturation during your painting session. Acrylic palette paper is recommended. Another benefit to using our medium-body paint is that they’ll experience less pigment separation in the bottle, which means less shaking. However, each bottle also comes with an included paint agitator. Just a few shakes and you’re ready to get painting.

For best results, apply over a primed surface.

For thinning your paint to use in an airbrush, consider using our Flow Improver. For more advanced effects like wet blending, try our Slow Dry, or for layering use our Acrylic Thinning Medium.