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Hordes: Trollbloods: Pyg Lookouts

Pygs make for particularly effective lookouts. The pygs’ natural hardiness and adaptability to the elements lets them stay in the field for an indefinite period. They have keen eyes and can spot approaching forces from a great distance. When battle begins, their size allows them to sneak about at the fringes of conflict and lie in wait unseen.

Moving silently through the forest, these pygmy trolls can ambush their opponents, deploying from the side table edge instead of with their main force. Marking targets to increase the accuracy of other models in their army and skirmishing with military rifles are the main draws for this unit. They should be included in ranged centric lists and can apply pressure to opposing armies by entering the fight from unforeseen positions. Trollkin Sluggers (PIP 71049), Northkin Raiders (PIP 71110), and Pygmy Bushwhackers (PIP 71082) all work very well with the Pyg Lookouts.