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Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set

Godtear is a hex based, scenario driven, tabletop skirmish board game for two players.

With its dynamic scenarios and pre-assembled, pre-coloured miniatures, it’s quick to start but hard to master!

The game board fits on a 3’ x 2’ table, and lets players to get right into the game due to the small model count – this set-up makes it a perfect game to demo to new players!

The Eternal Glade box set includes everything you need for two players to get started:

12 highly detailed, pre-coloured and pre-assembled miniatures:
Champion Nia, The Crystalmancer
Nia’s followers - 3 Quartzlings

Champion Morrigan, Lich Queen of the Frozen Wastes
Morrigan’s followers - 5 Cold Bones

2 Banners

Double-Sided Battlefield
10 Dice
24 Objective Hexes
6 Profile Cards
3 Dashboards
85 Tokens

No assembly required! Godtear is an out-of-the-box experience.