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GaleForce Nine: Grey Stuff - Basic Epoxy

You've used Green Stuff...

Say hello to the next generation in modeling excellence; with both superior form and function...


Gale Force Nine is pleased to introduce you to Grey Stuff! The newest addition to their hobby supplies range takes sculpting putty to the next level in terms of performance.

Simlpy put...Grey Stuff is the new standard by which all other brands will be weighed, measured and table tested!

  • Easier to See Details!
  • Easier to Smooth and Sculpt!
  • Easier to Tool and Less Sticky!
  • Customizable Formula! (adjust the firmness and curing time)


From gap filling and conversion work to total figure and model design, Grey Stuff delivers the results you need to complete the hobby projects you want to do. When it comes to selecting the very best putty for the project, go for Grey Stuff!