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Dropfleet Commander: Resistance Starter Fleet

After humanity was almost annihilated they left Earth and the Cradle Worlds behind. But that wasn’t all that they left. Survivors of the Scourge invasion, Remnants of battles with Abandonists, and all those others that fell through the cracks were left for dead by the newly formed UCM.

Now, 160 years later, the survivors have banded together to form the Resistance, campaigning for freedom from alien invasion and from an overbearing government that deserted them. Taking to the skies in whatever ships they can cobble together, their time in the void has left the Resistance out-manned and out-gunned, but has bred some of the finest Admirals in the galaxy.

This box contains the perfect beginnings of a Resistance Fleet. With three Resistance Cruisers and 4 Resistance Frigates, your fleet can be built as the strict Kalium Kabal, the junkers of Vega Scrapfleet, or any group of Resistance in between!

The ships in this set can be constructed in millions of ways, with each one different if you wish, all the better to show the various different types of Admiral that make up the eclectic Resistance Fleet. With dozens of weapon and equipment options, the Resistance Fleet is perfect for a Commander looking for complete versatility in their Dropfleet Commander games.

For more information on building your fleet, see the construction guides.

4x Resistance Frigates: These multi-part hard plastic miniatures can be assembled as Light or Heavy Frigates, or as Strike Carriers. Each can be
made in millions of different ways. Typical length 94mm. 36 Parts for all four Frigates.

3x Resistance Cruisers: These multi-part hard plastic miniatures can be assembled in over a billion combinations! Modular weapons can be added to
broadsides or hulls, making Light, Medium, or Heavy Cruisers. Typical length 105mm. 40 Parts per Cruiser.

Resistance Fastplay Cards: Designed to get you playing straight away, these cards contain full rules for Resistance Cruisers & Frigates. Included are stats for the ships, special rules, and tables for arming each ship, making modular fleet building easy!

Contains 7 plastic miniatures with plastic Dropfleet Commander bases and flight stands, and 3 Fastplay Cards.

Plastic miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.