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Cover Your Assets

Become a millionaire! Amass a fortune!

Grandpa Beck's Cover Your A$$ets, a.k.a. Big Deal

This is a quick fun family friendly card game that is all about the assets!

All players tally the value of all cards in their collection and add this sum to their total score. If a player now has at least $1 million, that player wins; otherwise, players shuffle the cards and start a new round.

There's a good deal of luck and a whole lot of stealing, and that's what it takes to become a millionaire, at least in this game.

Please note: Fighting over assets is a key ingredient of the game. You can't play this with people who will take things personally. Grandpa Beck's Cover Your A$$ets is a cute pint-sized card game that doesn't take too much time or mental energy to play, but the stealing back and forth can be quite entertaining, even if you have very little control over when it happens.

The 2021 edition contains advanced rules, new cards, and rules for 2 & 3 players!

Be warned: This is not a good game for sore losers!

Number of players : 2-6
Playing time : 30 Min.
Recommended ages : 8+