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Battletech: Paint Starter


This selection of The Army Painter material has everything you need to start painting your 'Mech miniatures: ten bottles of acrylic paint and a brush. The all-in-one Speedpaint is a true one-coat painting solution offering rich shading, vibrant saturation, and an easy highlight simultaneously. This paint set will help painters develop their skills and bring new life to their miniatures. While focused on House forces, this starter easily covers Clan 'Mechs as well.

This kit contains a paint brush, five speedpaints for even quicker transition to game play, along with a complete guide for how to use those speedpaints!

1 Paint Brush
1 Brush-on Primer
1 Metallic Paint
  ‣ Actuator Metal
3 Standard Army Painter Warpaints
  ‣ Hazard Yellow
  ‣ Battlefield Brown
  ‣ PPC Blue
5 Army Painter Speedpaints
  ‣ Kurita Red
  ‣ Steiner Blue
  ‣ Davion Green
  ‣ Marik Purple
  ‣ Liao Green