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A Song of Ice & Fire: Lannister - Heroes #2

In all of Westeros, there are many a swordsman or woman who lay claim to be the best in all the land, but unless they were one of the seven of the King’s Guard, that boast would most assuredly be simply hot air. The King’s Guard include the seven best soldiers in the kingdom. With the duty of protecting the king from harm, they have to be.

-Included in the set are the seven King’s Guard, each one a character with their own stats and special abilities.

-With each King’s Guard being its own Unit Attachment, there’s a whole wealth of new options for Lannister Commanders in this box so they can customize their army on the battlefield.

-Also included is King Joffrey Baratheon. Considering how popular Joffrey is as king, the King’s Guard will certainly have their work cut out for them.

-Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Lannister Starter set is needed to play