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Adeptus Titanicus: Open Engine War Card Pack

Open Engine War cards offer a fun, simple, and efficient way to set up games and allow you to generate a deployment map, set of objectives, and special rules for your games of Adeptus Titanicus.

This handy pack of cards enables you to choose or randomly generate your Deployment Map, Primary and Secondary Objectives, and any Planetary and Battlefield Effects in a matter of moments – meaning you need never play the same mission twice!

This pack of 50 cards includes:
- 1x How to Use Card
- 9x Deployment Maps
- 6x Primary Objectives
- 12x Secondary Objectives
- 10x Planetary Effects – representing the type of world, impacting the nature of the battle.
- 12x optional Battlefield Effects – representing a battlefield's features, impacting the nature of the battle.

A copy of the Adeptus Titanicus Rulebook is required to use these cards.