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A Song of Ice & Fire: Stark - Karstark Spearmen

One of the worst things a cavalry charge can encounter is a bulwark of troops in tight shield wall formation with spears leveled to impale anyone that gets close. The House Karstark Spearmen are a melee-centric, defensive unit. They are best suited to protecting flanks of an army, stopping enemy charges in their tracks as the unit braces for impact and pushes back any that would attack them.

The House Karstark Spearmen Unit Box gives Stark players a new defensive unit on the field.

Armed with sturdy spears and large shields, House Karstark Spearmen gain defensive bonuses when they sit in wait for the enemy.

When engaged, they can also push the enemy around, causing automatic wounds as they move. This ability to reposition their enemies can help set up the other units in the faction to come in for the killing strike.

Not a standalone product. A copy of any of the Song of Ice and Fire Stark Starter set is required to play