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A Song of Ice & Fire: Night's Watch - Sworn Brothers

In the far North, the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch keep an eye on any terrors that would assault Westeros. They are the unwanted. The lower sons, the criminals, the bastards, the outcasts. But in the Night’s Watch, they find a place and a purpose. Outfitted with rugged, warm armor and massive swords, they fight against Wildings and any other horrors with stoicism born of hard training.

-Their strong armor deflects blows and their training keeps them from running off easily

-Their prowess with the greatsword is second to none, dealing critical strikes and sundering even the toughest enemy armor

- The Watch Captain Attachment lets the unit have two Vows assigned to the unit at a time

-Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Night's Watch Starter Set is needed to play