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Kill Team: Come join us to learn how to play one of the most popular games from Games Workshop on Fridays at 6:00 pm.  We have miniatures you can borrow and it is easy to learn.


Shadespire: August league will run every weekend alongside casual play to allow players to tune their decks for the Finals on August 19th. We will run the league with a minimum of 3 players but we have space for 20 max.

Star Wars X-Wing/Legion: Our weekly event starts at 2 pm. The is a casual play event for new and experienced players. As always this is a free event and team builds are up to the players. Please bring a mat as we have a limited number.


Guild Ball:We will be hosting our regular weekly Guild Ball scrum starting at 12 pm. This event is for all player skill levels. Please bring a pitch (mat) as we have a limited supply.


October 21st: Guild Ball

We will be hosting our October 2018 Guild Ball Tournament on October 21st starting at 10 am.

Please register your team at https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1544.

For more details please contact our Store Pundant Jordan Scott.


– 4137 74 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta
(2nd set of buildings in the parking lot)


September 22nd -Shadespire: We are having a Tournament!

This event is open to any one who is interested and cost to enter is $5.00.  


– Swiss Tournament Rules
– must register your war band prior to start
– your deck must be checked and confirmed by the tournament official prior to start of the tournament.
– you cannot alter your deck after it has been confirmed.
– you will play 3 rounds.


– Q3 Prizes from Games Workshop
– all players will receive a prizes for attending.

Registration starts at 11 am.
Event starts at 12 pm.


– 4137 74 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta
(2nd set of buildings in the parking lot)